Supply Chain Standards

Shared goals. Fair trade. Green power.

Co-operative Energy Saving is deeply committed to making the world a fairer and more sustainable place to live. That commitment doesn’t simply underpin the green solutions we provide – it also extends to how we work with you, and the many partners in our supply chain. We follow the highest ethical standards and insist that our suppliers (and their sub-contractors) do the same.

We have summarised this in our supplier code.

The Co-operative Energy Saving supplier code

Quality is fundamental to what we do. We insist that any products passing through our supply chain meet or exceed the expectations of our customers and regulators.

However, quality alone is not enough.

It’s very easy to produce terrific energy-saving solutions, while still cutting corners. This is why our Supplier Code also focuses on other key areas, including:

  • Health and safety standards – both in production areas and in living quarters
  • Access to living wages and social benefits for workers throughout the supply chain
  • Appropriate working hours – including overtime pay
  • Fair, ethical, and non-discriminatory treatment of all employees
  • Transparent employment laws – including the exclusion of child workers and forced labour

Industry benchmarking and non-compliance

To ensure our assessment criteria match the latest best practices, we conduct formal reviews to compare our internal standards against globally-established benchmarks. And whenever necessary, we invest whatever resources are required to improve both our own supply chain and the lives of everyone directly impacted.

This is a continuous process, complete with annual audits. Manufacturers, suppliers, and sub-contractors found in non-compliance with our Supplier Code are immediately removed from our supply chain until they’ve implemented the corrective measures.

To learn more about our Supplier Code, contact the Energy Saving Team today.