Solid Wall Insulation

Slashing your heating bill by 66%?

After 1920, most newly built homes in the UK used ’cavity wall’ construction to create an air gap between the interior and exterior of each house. This extra pocket of air provides some insulation from the outside world.

However, homes built before 1920 usually came with ’solid wall’ construction – often without any insulation. If your home falls in this category, then up to 66% of your heating bill goes to waste. That’s because poorly insulated solid walls allow roughly two thirds of your home’s heat to escape.

That’s not just bad for your wallet – it’s also bad for the environment. Your boiler must work overtime to maintain consistent indoor temperatures.

But, by adding solid wall insulation, you can:

  • Reduce this waste
  • Save money
  • Give your boiler a break
  • Live in greater comfort

How does solid wall insulation work?

Solid wall insulation can be added to the interior or exterior of your home:

  • When the job is performed on the inside, technicians install flexible thermal linings, laminated insulation boards, or fibrous mineral wool on your internal walls
  • When the job is performed on the outside, technicians apply an insulation layer directly to the external wall before covering everything up. Now, you can choose from a wide range of materials, including brick slips, stone tiles, clay panels and various other finishes

It’s also possible to use a hybrid approach. For example, many homeowners choose interior solid wall insulation for the front of their houses and exterior insulation for the back and sides.

Either way, the benefits of solid wall insulation are impressive:

  • You can save up to £500 a year on heating expenses
  • Solid wall insulation can reduce nearly 2,000 kg of CO2 annually, helping to shrink your carbon footprint significantly
  • Your home benefits from improved weather-proofing (if you apply insulation on the outside) and improved sound-proofing (no matter where you add the insulation)
  • You enjoy greater year-round comfort. Your home stays much warmer during winter. And solid wall insulation helps to keep your house much cooler during summer
  • Your boiler doesn’t have to work as hard, meaning you can get many more years out of your heater

And probably best of all, you might also qualify for free insulation if you enrol in the UK’s ECO program.

To learn more about the benefits of solid wall insulation, contact our Energy Saving Team today for a free consultation.