Insulating Rooms in the Roof

Reclaim your loft. Reclaim your savings.

Ask anyone who has ever lived in a loft room, and you’ll often hear the same thing:

“In the winter, it’s freezing. In the summer, it’s boiling.”

This is because most loft areas are poorly insulated. In fact, many roofs in the UK aren’t insulated at all. As a result, up to 25% of a home’s climate-controlled air escapes.

And personal discomfort is only part of the problem.

Poor insulation forces you to spend more money on heating and cooling. Wasted energy is also bad for the environment since extra CO2 is released into the atmosphere.

These issues are especially pronounced in older homes. But even with modern residences, heat loss can render lofts uninhabitable. Insulation installed prior to 2003 didn’t always follow the building codes we use today. Ideally, loft insulation should be:

  • 270ml thick for glass wool
  • 250ml thick for rock wool
  • 220ml thick for cellulose

The good news is that the above problems are easy to fix.

The benefits of insulating rooms in your roof

By properly insulating your loft, you can:

  • Reduce your energy spending, with annual savings approaching £250. This is why insulation upgrades typically pay for themselves in about two to three years
  • Shrink your carbon footprint, with CO2 offsets approaching 1,000 kg a year. A less polluted planet is a fantastic legacy to pass onto your kids and grandkids
  • Extend the useful lifetime of your air conditioner and boiler. They won’t have to work as hard or as long to regulate indoor temperatures. This means you won’t need to repair or replace them as often

And best of all, you can reclaim your unused loft, transforming it into a liveable space for you and your family. With one simple energy-efficient improvement, you can turn your three-bedroom home into a four-bedroom palace. The property value of your home can actually increase after making this cost-effective upgrade.

To learn more about insulating rooms in your roof, contact our Energy Saving Team today.