Flat Roof Insulation

Turn your flat roof into steep savings.

Poorly insulated roofs are responsible for a tremendous amount of heat loss in the average home. According to the UK’s National Insulation Association, that heat loss can approach 25%. But, if you live in an older property that hasn’t been upgraded in a long time, that figure may be even higher.

This heat loss isn’t simply wasted energy – it’s also wasted money:

  • During the winter months, your boiler has to work much harder to warm your home, forcing you to spend more on heating bills
  • During the summer months, your fans and/or cooling units work overtime to keep your home cool. This means you spend more on electricity

Bad insulation is also bad for the environment. The more grid energy you use, the more CO2 your home releases into the atmosphere.

However, you can reduce this waste by installing flat roof insulation on your property.

The benefits of flat roof insulation

The most important advantage of this green improvement is that you’ll have more money in your pocket every month. Although the upfront cost of rooftop insulation can be less than £400, the annual savings approach £250. This means the payback period of flat roof insulation is less than three years. And that’s at today’s utility rates. As the price of gas and electricity rise, your savings will only grow.

The environmental benefits are equally impressive. It’s possible to enjoy CO2 reductions of 1,000 kg annually.

You will also see the savings. And you can use that extra money to insulate other parts of your home, allowing you to save even more.

As an added benefit, you’ll get many more years out of your boiler and cooling units. They won’t have to work as hard to keep your home cosy and comfy throughout the year.

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