The warming sensation of big savings.

In the UK, we spend more on heating bills than any of our European neighbours. It isn’t that energy prices in Britain are so high (although they are). It’s that so many of our homes are poorly insulated.

Some properties don’t have any insulation at all, while others use out-dated materials that provide little protection from the cold. Either way, the heat loss is astounding:

  • About 25% escapes through the roof
  • An additional 33% seeps out through the walls

But, don’t forget about cooling costs as well. Proper insulation prevents “heat transfer,” making it easier to maintain consistent indoor temperatures – whether we have our boilers running in the winter or our fans or even air conditioning units running in the summer.

Insulating your home is easy and affordable

Without proper insulation, you’re not just wasting energy and money in your home – you’re using unnecessary energy in a way that harms the entire planet.

Just think about all that wasted money. And the problem will only become worse as electricity and gas prices increase.

The good news is that insulating your home is both easy and affordable. Most installation jobs cost under £600. But the savings they deliver are impressive:

  • Loft insulation can save up to £250 a year
  • Cavity wall insulation can save nearly £300 year
  • Solid wall insulation can save almost £500 year, although these installation costs are much higher

With savings like these, insulating your home is a cost-effective investment that pays for itself very quickly. In fact, the average payback period is less than three years for insulating a previously uninsulated loft with 270mm of insulation. Also, that investment delivers other important benefits as well, including:

  • Extending the lifetime of your heating and cooling systems. Your boiler won’t have to work as hard
  • Improved comfort throughout the year. It becomes easier to regulate indoor temperatures – even when it’s freezing cold or blistering hot outside
  • Greater environmental savings. The carbon offsets from your green investment can exceed 1,000 kg of CO2 annually

It’s also possible that we can help you to obtain government grants that will reduce or even eliminate what you need to pay to obtain these benefits. For example see our information on the ECO scheme.

To learn more about our affordable insulation solutions, contact the Energy Saving Team today.

Note: (Figures are based on an average gas-heated home. With data obtained from the Energy Saving Trust (EST))

Please note: cavity wall insulation is not suitable for all properties. IT IS IMPORTANT TO HAVE A PROPER SURVEY OF THE CONDITION OF THE PROPERTY BY AN INDEPENDENT PROFESSIONAL  TO CHECK THAT CAVITY WALL INSULATION IS SUITABLE. Over insulating a property can cause condensation. The correct ventilation is important to ensure a house remains warm and dry.

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