Gas Condensing Boilers and Heating Controls

More efficient heating. Less wasteful spending.

In the UK, heating represents up to 60% of most home energy spending. However, by replacing an older boiler with a more energy-efficient design, it’s possible to dramatically reduce your annual utility bills.

Making the switch to a more efficient boiler can offer savings approaching £300 annually, meaning they pay for themselves in about 10 years or less.

And the benefits aren’t just financial – they’re also environmental.

Although both traditional boilers and gas condensing alternatives rely on fossil fuel, the latter requires far less energy. As a result, the ecological impact of your heating bill shrinks.

Understanding the technology behind gas condensers

Most heating systems rely on a pilot light that stays on 24/7. This energy goes to waste – even when the boiler is off. When the boiler is firing much of the heat generated during the combustion process escapes through the flue and surrounding air.

By contrast, condensing boilers only turn on when heat is needed – they use electric sparks instead of pilot lights. Plus, gas condensing boilers use much larger heat exchangers that allow them to extract more thermal energy during the combustion process. They also reclaim unused energy by capturing heated vapour and “condensing” it into water. This recycled heat reduces the amount of oil or gas needed for the next cycle.

Heating controls: getting more out of your condensing boiler

Even with no additional modifications, gas condensing boilers deliver substantial financial and environmental savings. But, you can increase the return on your investment by combining your boiler with intelligent heating controls.

A smart thermostat, for example, allows you to regulate indoor temperatures without sacrificing comfort. Your boiler automatically comes on or turns off – based on historic usage patterns. This means you’re never heating your home when no one is around. You can even control your boiler remotely using smart phone apps. Doing so allows you to program the heat to come on during your journey home from work, or elsewhere.

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