What To Expect From A Home Assessment


Helping you to discover the best ways to save energy and money.

At Co-operative Energy Saving, we offer a number of powerful products to help you to save energy, reduce your energy bills and protect the planet. But, sometimes you want to take those savings to the next level.

And our energy saving experts are here to help you.

When you request a home visit and assessment from our Energy Saving Team, we’ll help you identify the best energy saving or generating options for your home – i.e. those improvements that will deliver the greatest impact at the lowest possible cost.

What can you expect from these home assessments?

Before each assessment, we would like to know:

  • The property type – owned or rented
  • Your home’s location – conservation or development area
  • Your home’s age and construction style – i.e. was it built prior to 1990

During the assessment, we analyse:

  • The types of appliances and heating you use
  • The number of people who live with you
  • Energy-saving measures that you may have already installed
  • Your historic energy usage and utility bills

After the assessment, we provide:

  • A list of suggested improvements that can help reduce both your energy spending and carbon footprint
  • Detailed estimates of what kind of financial and environmental savings you can expect annually
  • Payback periods and return on your investment for each of the recommended improvements

All of these estimates may be combined with an optional Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR) (if you opt for this service prior to your visit) – giving a summary that provides you with a snapshot of those energy saving tips that provide the greatest value.

Our Advisers will never recommend making green improvements where the costs outweigh the benefits. This is because we believe becoming more energy efficient is an investment that should pay for itself, whether you’re:

And as you begin to accumulate savings from these earlier investments, you can use the extra money to continue making more green improvements at a later date.

To request a no-obligation Green Deal Advice Report today, contact our Energy Saving Team.