Energy Saving


Energy Saving Tips Room By Room

Greening your home room by room.

The beauty of becoming more energy efficient is that you don’t have to implement massive changes overnight. It’s possible to make incremental improvements room by room – just as you would with spring-cleaning. And with this approach, you can use your utility bill savings to pay for future green improvements at a later date.

But, where do you begin?

Below, are some easy energy saving tips to get you started.

Greening your bedroom

  • Replace all incandescent bulbs with LED alternatives
  • Program your thermostat for 18-21°C depending on your preference
  • Keep windows and doors shut whenever your heater or cooler is on
  • Install radiator shelves that dissipate heat at waist level. That way, you’re not sending warmed air straight to the ceiling

Greening your lounge

  • Keep curtains drawn during hot summer days. But, let natural sunlight in during cold winter months
  • Replace all incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs
  • Implement the same radiator shelf idea mentioned above. You’ll be amazed at how much energy this simple job can save you
  • Make sure that none of the radiators are obstructed – you want the heat to flow naturally
  • Disable standby mode on computers, televisions, DVD players, and any other appliances

Greening your kitchen

  • When cooking, always keep pots and pans covered. Otherwise, you’re letting heat escape unnecessarily
  • Regularly defrost your freezer and refrigerator
  • Only run full loads of the washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher
  • Use the economy settings on these major appliances – and consider running cycles at slightly lower temperatures
  • Replace all incandescent bulbs with energy-saving alternatives
  • Update all older appliances with those that have better energy efficiency ratings

Greening other spaces

  • Replace your older boiler with a modern, efficient one, e.g. A gas condensing boiler
  • Add adequate insulation throughout your loft to reduce unnecessary heat loss
  • And of course, replace incandescent bulbs with LEDs

A lot of the above ideas are free to implement. Those that aren’t often pay for themselves quite quickly – sometimes in only a few months.

And these tips are only scratching the surface. To discover more strategies for reducing your energy bills, please contact the Energy Saving Team today.