Sources of Finance


There are a number of sources of finance available to help fund your energy saving or renewable installation. At Co-operative Energy Saving, we don’t offer financial advice, but we do suggest that you shop around for the best financial solution to suit your needs.

While you have the option to pay for your installation outright, this may not suit some people. In addition to the renewables incentives currently available from the Government, including the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and Feed-in-Tariff (FiT), which are schemes that pay you for producing energy from renewable sources, for several years into the future. But you may also qualify for ECO funding, which provides lump-sum grants at the time of installation, to help you pay for the work.

Homeowners with a mortgage could consider requesting an increase or extension to their mortgage. Alternatively, other high street financial institutions and Credit Unions may be useful in providing sources of finance for your energy saving or renewable investment. There are a number of finance providers with an online presence, who may be able to assist.

The Money Advice Service, an independent organisation set up by the Government, is a useful source of free independent advice on finance and borrowing for consumers and has some useful finance calculators and downloads on its site.