Ground Source Heat Pumps


Pulling savings from the ground.

The land around your home is brimming with energy – it’s true. This is because soil absorbs warmth from the sun and stores that energy below the surface.

Even when it’s freezing outside, temperatures remain a constant 10°C about 2 meters down.

With a ground source heat pump, it’s possible to bring that warmth into your home. These pumps extract heat from the ground and use the energy to transform a special refrigerant into super-heated vapour. With temperatures exceeding 100°C, that vapour can also be used to provide all the hot water you could ever need.

Ground source heat pumps still need electricity to run. But the thermal energy itself comes from Earth – not from fossil fuel combustion. As a result, it’s possible to dramatically reduce your bill for heating your home. These savings can range from £650 when replacing oil-based furnaces to £1500 when swapping out propane boilers.

The environmental benefits of ground source heat pumps

In addition to financial savings, ground source heat pumps also help to reduce your carbon footprint. Remember that you’re extracting heat from the land – not from oil, gas, or coal.

Your carbon offsets can range from 2,500kg to 8,000kg of CO2 annually – depending on the type of heating system you replace.
Thanks to these environmental savings, ground source heat pumps qualify for the UK’s Renewable Heat Incentive – a subsidy that allows you to generate income from your green investment.

Additional benefits of ground source heat pumps include:

  • Protection from price volatility. Utility rates may keep going up, but your own land will never start charging you more
  • These pumps are ultra-efficient. You receive about 4kWh of heat for every 1kWh of electricity that you use to generate it
  • When you power your pump using solar panels, your savings potential increases – and your carbon footprint decreases
  • Ground source heat pumps are also incredibly durable. The pumps last for 20+ years, and the ground collectors continue working for 70+ years

These eco-friendly heating solutions are perfect for any homeowner who wants to save money and protect the planet. But, they are ideally suited for remote properties that don’t have reliable access to mains gas.

To learn more about ground source heat pumps, contact our Energy Saving Team today.