Biomass Heating and Boilers


Cost-efficient and carbon-neutral heating brought to you by Co-operative Energy Saving

Also known as a wood-fuelled boiler, biomass heaters use logs, pellets, or other waste materials to warm your home and heat your water. When used to replace conventional heating systems, biomass boilers can deliver substantial financial savings – both now and as utility rates rise over time:

  • If replacing a gas boiler, your annual savings can approach £225 at today’s utility prices
  • If swapping out an electric heating system, your savings can reach £990 a year

These savings are possible because biomass boilers rely on one of the most abundant energy sources on the planet – i.e. wood. If you have the space, you can buy logs and pellets in bulk, allowing you to save more money.

You can even use your own wood.

The environmental benefits of biomass heating

Although burning wood releases CO2, the amount emitted is roughly equivalent to the amount that the tree absorbed during its lifetime.

This makes biomass heating carbon-neutral. Although there is some additional pollution generated when transporting wood, you can limit the ecological impact by sourcing wood locally.

The real environmental savings happen when you replace your older boiler with this eco-friendly alternative. Swapping out a coal-fired system, for example, can deliver carbon offsets of nearly 16 tonnes annually.

Thanks to these ecological benefits, biomass heaters qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) – a government scheme that pays you to earn income from your green investment.

Additional benefits of biomass heating include:

  • Energy efficiency rates of 90% or more. Almost all of the combustion comes out as usable heat
  • Ideal for remote properties that can’t use traditional heating solutions because they’re too far from power lines or mains gas
  • Easy to connect to existing HVAC and plumbing systems, making set up a breeze
  • Our biomass heaters come with industry leading 10 year warranties

Arguably our favourite benefit of all is the peace of mind you’ll enjoy. No longer reliant on the utility company, you’ll have guaranteed access to warmth and comfort – even as fossil fuel prices continue their remorseless rise. Contact us now and see how we can help you benefit from biomass.