Air Source Heat Pumps


Saving money out of thin air.

Air source heat pumps work a lot like refrigerators – only in reverse. They extract heat from the outside air and use that energy to warm your home. Some pumps can even be used to heat your water as well.

But why use air to heat at all?

The main benefit is cost. Although these pumps need electricity to operate, they are extremely efficient and the thermal heat comes from the air – not from expensive fossil fuel. As a result, you save on utility bills.

Your exact savings depend on what type of heating solution you’re replacing. If swapping out:

  • Oil heaters, annual savings range from £300 to £600, at current oil prices, but historically the savings have been much higher
  • Electric heaters, average savings are around £1,000 annually
  • Propane heaters, yearly savings can approach £2,000

These savings actually increase if you power your air source heat pump with solar panels instead of with grid electricity.

Making money from green heating

Air source heat pumps don’t emit CO2, making them an environmentally friendly way to warm your home – especially when using solar energy to run your system.

In fact, swapping out traditional boilers with this eco-friendly alternative helps you qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) – a government program that pays you for every kilowatt-hour of green heat you generate. Under this incentive, it’s possible to earn anywhere from £900 to £1,500 annually.

In addition to these environmental and financial benefits, air source heat pumps offer several other advantages:

  • The set up process is very simple – and once installed, air source heat pumps are extremely low maintenance
  • Even when outside temperatures drop to -15°C, these pumps continue generating warmth throughout your home
  • Because of the utility bill savings generated, air source heat pumps enjoy short payback periods. They pay for themselves even faster once you add in the Renewable Heat Incentive

However, this eco-friendly heating solution isn’t for everyone.

Air source heat pumps run a little cooler than other heating technologies. This makes them best suited for well-insulated homes that use underfloor heating as opposed to radiators. You also need sufficient outside space to install the system – preferably next to a sunny wall.

Depending on your home, you may also consider other green heating solutions such as our ground source heat pumps or biomass boilers.

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