Making Your Own Energy


Solar Photovoltaics

With our overcast skies, you might think that the UK is the last place you’d expect to become a solar powerhouse. And yet, more than 800,000 homeowners have installed photovoltaic (PV) solar panels over the past decade, with many more forecast in the years ahead.

As a nation, we currently rank 6th in terms of solar capacity. Not even Spain can approach our output – despite receiving nearly 50% more sunshine than we do.

So, what is the secret behind our success?

There are two factors:

1. The sun loves the UK

According to National Geographic, the planet receives enough sunshine in a single hour to power the entire world for a full year. Much of that sunshine hits the equator. But, even in the UK, each square metre of land receives about 800 kWh of solar potential every year. If your rooftop is equipped with panels, that’s enough clean electricity to wipe out roughly 25% of your annual electricity bill.

2. The UK loves the sun

It also helps that our government actively encourages solar adoption. Thanks to incentives like the Feed-in Tariff, it’s possible to make money from your PV installation. In addition to a feed in tariff (FiT) payment which is based upon the output of your Solar pv system, you will also be paid for any excess solar electricity you feed into the grid.

Solar just makes sense. And once installed, your PV panels will run silently in the background, allowing you to:

  • Slash your electricity bills
  • Protect the planet by reducing CO2 emissions
  • Make money with each and every sunrise
  • Store some of the energy produced in batteries, for use at night, if you choose to upgrade and include a battery storage system

To learn more about the many benefits of going solar, contact our Energy Saving Team today.