LED Lightbulbs

Coop Energy Saving LED Lightbulbs

When Thomas Edison introduced the world’s first light bulb, he was rightfully hailed as a genius. However, his miracle invention had two major drawbacks:

  1. Incandescent light bulbs don’t last very long. They burn out easily and need to be replaced quite frequently
  2. They’re incredibly inefficient. Only 10% of the energy used comes out as light. The rest is just wasted heat

If you’re still using Edison’s bulbs to light your home, you’re not just leaving money on the table – you’re literally throwing it away.

However, you can put an end to this waste by replacing your home’s lighting with Co-operative Energy Saving’s LED solutions.

The benefits of LED lights

Our LED’s last 10+ years and most come with five years of warranty protection. They use around 90% less energy than traditional bulbs because LED’s emit very little heat. You only need a 4W LED to produce the same light levels of a 40W incandescent.

Are they bright immediately?

Yes, unlike other energy-efficient solutions out there, our LED’s don’t have any warmup period. The moment you flick the switch, these bulbs reach maximum illumination.

Aren’t LED’s expensive?

They do cost a little more upfront, but our LED’s pay for themselves in about 18 months. And they continue to generate huge savings for years thereafter.

Replacing just five bulbs can reduce your annual electricity bill by nearly £150.

Aren’t LED’s ugly?

Perhaps they used to be. But where Edison’s bulb never really evolved, LED’s did. Whether you want bright lights for the patio or warm yellows for the bedroom, LED’s now come in a wide range of light colours. And because they can fit into standard sockets, you may not need to replace any of the lamps or fixtures you already have.

You can even fit LED’s with motion sensors, dimmers, or timers – just as you would with traditional lights.

Even the shapes of our LED’s are the same as incandescent bulbs. The only way to tell them apart is to look at your utility bill!

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