About Us


Co-operative Energy Saving is an exciting new initiative launched by Co-operative Energy, part of The Midcounties Co-operative. Our aim is to help protect the environment and combat climate change by helping members and customers to reduce their energy consumption and their bills for heating and lighting.

At Co-operative Energy Saving, we are committed to tackling climate change.

We do this in five ways:

  1. We help our members and customers reduce their energy bills in their home by offering energy saving advice and smart technology
  2. We have an online shop where customers can purchase energy efficient LED bulbs. Soon, we will add more products that you can install yourself
  3. So, if like us you prefer to leave DIY tasks to the experts, you have the option to book an Engineer, who will visit your home and install our online energy efficient products for you. Simply add the DIY expert option to your basket on check-out.
    Further, we provide a professional renewable energy service for all the larger jobs, like installing insulation, solar panels and batteries, biomass boilers or heat pumps. All our engineers are fully MCS accredited
  4. We work with various Government funding schemes, such as ECO subsidies, the Feed in Tariff, and the Renewable Heat Incentive. All these schemes provide financial assistance to help customers with the initial cost of their project, or to improve its return after installation
  5. We actively support community energy generation schemes through our engagement with community groups.

Taken together, we believe that this demonstrates our real commitment to helping you to create a more environmentally friendly, fairer and sustainable world.

At Co-operative Energy Saving we promise to:

  • Have fair prices
  • Share our profits
  • Keep it simple
  • Be open and honest
  • Source the best renewable energy solutions on the market through our engagement with accredited suppliers and installers

The Co-operative DOES Values:

Co-operative Energy’s new Energy Saving division adheres to the same co-operative values as all the other trading groups of the Midcounties Co-operative. Co-operative Energy Saving DOES. this by:

Democracy: Imagine a communal neighbourhood scheme generating energy that feeds the energy needs of a whole neighbourhood. A scheme that is owned and controlled democratically by local people. We support the principle of such schemes, which are common in some other countries, and offer a lot more potential here in the UK.

Openness: Being open and fair in our dealings with everyone, by sharing honest energy saving advice and offering the best energy saving solutions available on the market today.

Equality: For centuries, wealthier nations have grown their economies by exploiting cheap and plentiful sources of energy. Even now, resource distribution is deeply imbalanced, with only the environmental damage of burning fossil fuels being shared across the world. However, by decarbonising our economies, we can reduce that damage and tap into clean power sources that belong to everyone equally. After all, no one owns the sun.

Social Responsibility: Green technologies like solar, wind, and geothermal don’t simply help the environment – they help society as a whole. By investing in sustainable energy solutions, we’re able to improve public health, create green jobs, and stimulate local economic development. And these benefits accrue, allowing us to continue making more green investments moving forward.

The DOES pledge is our promise to you. In all of our interactions, we will always be fair and honest. And to the best of our ability, we will present information so that you understand the advantages and disadvantages of every option you may be considering.

Remember that saving the planet is our primary mission. And we can only succeed by building long-lasting relationships that are based on trust.

If you’d like to join us in that mission, we would love to have your support.

Contact our Energy Saving Team today to learn how you can help save the planet and save money.